IV. Cybersecurity

In the Cybersecurity area Black Wolf Global is able to offer:

Cybersecurity Consulting Services and IT&C Infrastructure Audit – Social Media, Applications, Analytics, Cloud & Internet develop a set of increasingly vulnerabilities. We can propose senior consultants with previous experience in cybersecurity strategic and operational consultancy that will mitigate the threat of a cyber-attack by understanding and managing the risk.

Cybersecurity Assurance – A public sector institution or a private company is more vulnerable than ever nowadays in front of a cyber-attack. We can propose senior consultants with previous experience in security assurance & testing that can test and/or enforce the security of your applications, your infrastructures and endpoints. Through this type of experience your organization will be able to verify the efficiency of your digital identity and access controls.

Application Security Testing – A public sector institution or a private company by itself will never now the entire cyber risks currently facing. We can propose senior consultants with previous experience in Dynamic and Static Analysis, Mobile application security, Penetration testing (Ethical Hacking), Network Penetration testing, Red Teaming (real-world targeted attack to test your organization’s security posture).

Secure Identity & Access Management – Among the products we offer, a secure control access through smart cards and platform based identity management system can ensure your organization a proper manner to manage cyber security risks. By using this type of systems you will be able to initiate, capture, record and manage user identities (of your employees or your customers) and their related access permissions in an automated fashion. This ensures that access privileges are granted according to one interpretation of policy and all individuals and services are properly authenticated, authorized and audited.

Big Data Analytics – Among the products we offer, a big data analytics tool can improve the activity of your national security institution by combining patented machine learning algorithms, automation, and data fusion technologies to provide the incisive intelligence, context, and control network operators need to protect against cyber threats and ensure information security.

Our proposed system can:

  • capture various Computer network traffic in real time and analyzes results.
  • Scalability to support surveillance of large, complex IP networks.
  • High-speed packet processing performance, which enables it to sift through the vast quantities of information that travel over the Internet.
  • Normalization, Correlation, Aggregation and Analysis provide a model of user, element, protocol, application and network behaviors, in real-time. That is it can track individual users, monitor which applications they are using (e.g., web browsers, instant messaging applications, e-mail) and what they are doing with those applications (e.g., which web sites they have visited, what they have written in their emails/IM conversations), and see how users’ activities are connected to each other (e.g., compiling lists of people who visit a certain type of web site or use certain words or phrases in their e-mail messages.
  • High reliability from data collection to data processing and analysis.
  • Functionalities can be configured to feed a particular activity or IP service such as security lawful intercept or even Skype detection and blocking.
  • Surveillance and forensic analysis

Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) –Establishing a CERT will limit the impact of security breaches and will identify cyber threats within a country, a business domain, etc. Our senior consultants can propose all the necessary knowledge and infrastructure needed to operationalize this type of institutions. This CERT can be also provided “as – a – service” ensuring:
Our Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) provides a range of services to protect business assets from growing cyber threats and to formulate an appropriate response once threats are identified. We target potential risks specific to each customer’s environment through the following services:

Vulnerability and cyber threat monitoring
Threat intelligence: Research, analysis and data correlation; Threat information exploitation; Maintaining an evolving Indicators of Compromise (IoC) knowledge base; Incident response
Forensics and digital investigation
Malware analysis