I. Training

Training services in the military and private security area

Black Wolf Global offers integrated training programs for military units from the Army and Gendarmerie, special units of the Police, units from the Special Services or special units from the private security structures. These integrated training programs can have a duration one year, three years and five years.

  • Training of the protection and guard units for civil, military and special zones and objectives (especially focused in the security of airports and borders)
  • Training of the VIP guard and protection units
  • Training of the Dignitary protection and guard units
  • Training of the units of the Special Forces of the Army, Police and Gendarmerie
  • Training of the Anti-Terrorist protection units
  • Training of the Counter-Terrorist intervention units
  • Training of the units for maintaining an reestablishing the public order (crowd control and special event management / riot control)
  • Training of the intelligence and counter-intelligence units
  • Training of the anti-piracy units
  • Training of the anti-poaching units
  • Training of the special convoy (land and sea) protection and escort units
  • Training of the professional firemen and emergency situations specialist units
  • Training for the cybernetic security units

During the training process, for each specialty, Black Wolf Global elaborates the organizing and the functioning regulations of the units that are in training, the regulations for firearms usage in written and virtual systems (where it is required) and the training manuals in written and virtual systems.
The regulations and also the training manuals will be elaborated in the English language or in the language native to the country where the training takes place.

Black Wolf Global is able to organize and support courses with a normal duration and courses with an intensive duration (between two weeks and twenty four weeks).
These courses can be for initiation, forming, qualification and specialization and can be organized and supported on the following training domains:

Security Personnel:

  • Security Personnel (Security Agents and Bodyguard Agents)
  • Weapons firing (individual weapons firing, protection team weapons firing, tactical protection group weapons firing and special weapons firing)
  • Martial arts – combat and personal physical fitness
  • Special physical training of the Security Personnel
  • Physical and mental strengthening of the Security Personnel
  • Operational driving
  • Explosives, bombs & mines – identification, neutralization & removal
    and more…

Police Courses and Training :

Training of special Police units for specific defined assignments:

  • Counter-terrorism and hostage rescue
  • Anti-crime, Drug Enforcement, Intervention teams, etc.
  • Close quarter and ambush tactics for Police commando units (SWAT)
  • Weapons firing (individual weapons firing, team weapons firing, tactical intervention group weapons firing and special weapons firing)/ snipers and counter-snipers
  • Border police and immigration security forces using advanced modern technology and methods (also in marine environment).
  • Special Intelligence Units (undercover surveillance and intelligence gathering, intelligence analysis, intelligence synthesis and exploiting intelligence).
  • Crowd control and special event management/riot control
  • Prison enforcement special units
  • Dog training “K-9” for all purposes (drugs, attack, tracking and guard).
  • Technical breaching / Explosive breaching / EOD.
  • Polygraph courses
    And more…
  • Military Courses and Training:
  • Infantry training / open field / urban warfare
  • Recon training
  • Anti-armor units / special forces team
  • Officers training
  • Weapons firing (individual weapons firing, military intervention team weapons firing, military tactical intervention group weapons firing and special weapons firing)
  • Snipers and counter-snipers courses
  • Parachutism courses
  • Divers courses (scouting and combat)
  • Military martial arts
  • Special physical training
  • Physical and mental strengthening of the fighters
  • Navigation course
  • Search & rescue
  • Operational driving of special vehicles / special all-terrain vehicle units
  • Dog training “K-9” for all purposes (drugs, attack, tracking and guard)
  • Technical breaching / Explosive breaching / EOD
  • Marine & Navy units (Seals), border patrol
    And more…

Facility Protection
Private and Commercial Sector Courses and Training

  • Aviation security, Airport security, Aviation companies and Air Marshals
  • Seaports and Maritime security
  • Infrastructure facilities (petroleum, gas, electricity)
  • Comprehensive Crisis Management
  • Dog training “K-9” for all purposes (drugs, attack, tracking and guard)
  • Private detective training (technical surveillance)
  • Polygraph courses (employee screening, etc.)
  • Public transportation security
  • Bank security
  • Hotel and Casino security
  • Shopping malls, private buildings, factories, etc.
  • Surveillance & counter-surveillance
    And more…

The Black Wolf Global personnel have the possibility to teach the courses directly in English language or the language native to the country where the training takes place.